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Internet Roundup: Mixtape Meltdown

July 19, 2010

Image from cassettes @ Flickr

Maybe it’s just my ignorance on the topic, but it seems like there are a lot of neat free mixtapes from high profile artists hitting the internet. The past few weeks I’ve been listening to mixes from Big Boi, DJ Jazzy Jeff, and Cee Lo. Each mix is a free download, so there’s really nothing to complain about for any of them, but each works best in its own setting.

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The Free and the Festivals

June 2, 2010


With the New Depression, the failure of Top Kill and that people like Rand Paul can espouse beliefs like they do and still have careers, you need to get music with minimal stress, especially dance music! This is part of our DJ On A Dime Series, where we tell you where to find free music until things turn around.

When it gets to it, Silence Is a Rhythm Too has the eclectic taste that most mp3 blogs don’t cover. The guy who runs it doesn’t update as much as he did a few years back, but his Funky Friday posts really do bring together a wide range of music to download. My favorite songs from his most recent post are the new songs from Parisians The Gotan Project and Kansas City’s Janelle Monae. The Gotan song “Panamericana” takes their modern tango template and melds it with a steady stomp and a sleek bassline which make for excellent lounge music. Meanwhile, the Monae song “Tightrope” has her partnering with her friend and mentor Big Boi for a driving R&B song that features Monae doing a very cool half-sing/half-rap much like Andre 3000 used to do. I miss Outkast.

In the hot promo action department, the hits keep coming from the big indie electronic labels Ninja Tune and Warp. Ninja Tune heads Coldcut their buddies continue their weekly giveaways leading up to the big release of their 20-year anniversary box set. Past free downloads have included songs from the labels very first releases, DJ mixes, and rare songs that haven’t been released on CD or vinyl. Each download is available for one week only, so if the Kid Koala rarities have dropped off, it’s time for some new action! Get crackin’! On the Warp side, their music marketplace Bleep has been ramping up for Barcelona’s Sonar festival later this month by offering pairs of free downloads from participating UK acts. I can never make it to any of these festivals, so its neat to grab these tracks and rock out vicariously. The downloads rotate every 1-2 weeks, so stay sharp.


Internet Roundup

May 5, 2010

Here’s what I’m digging this week….

Sady Doyle of Tiger Beatdown has a really neat breakdown of Rivers Cuomo and Weezer’s first two albums. Made me rethink my days of rocking out to The Blue Album, that’s for sure.

If you like the Rock Band video games like I do, RockBandAide has a neat preview of a bunch of the songs coming down the Rock Band Network. There are some pretty big tunes on the way!

Finally, for those of you who are tired of the rock posts, here’s some funk, electronic, disco, and downtempo from a music blog that inspired me to get into the game, Silence Is A Rhythm Too. And I promise some dancefloor fire later this week.