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Internet Roundup: The Copyright Tweet Dance

August 9, 2010

Image from Mr eNil @ Flickr

Of note….

First, the New York Times has a neat piece about a ride-along with a music licensing executive for Broadcast Music Incorporated aka BMI as she visits bars in the Southwest to convinve them to pay for the music they play in the bar. The licensing executive’s job seems part-Cops, part-Up In The Air, and part-Glengarry Glen Ross. The article comes off pretty sympathetic of the licensing executive and BMI. Unlike the RIAA and their licensing arm SoundExchange which collects royalties for sound recordings, BMI and its competitor ASCAP are responsible for collecting royalties for songwriters and music publishers. I checked out BMI’s website, and was pretty impressed by their FAQs and contact avenues. If you want to start up a dive bar, you can call BMI directly and work something out. If you are a copyright holder/enforcer and want to collect revenues in a time of recession when piracy is very attractive, you need to make yourself accessible and cheap. Good for BMI.

On a totally different note, Alyx Vesey at Feminist Music Geek poses an interesting quandary where she tries to apply a version the Bechdel Test to dance music. This comes in the wake of a lot of recent dance tunes being about getting drunk and/or hooking up (think Ke$ha or LMFAO). The mission is to find dance songs that don’t express (directly or through euphemism) getting wasted or hooking up. I figure that one could also exclude dance songs that are either instrumental or employ repeated vocal samples (think Daft Punk), because that would make things way too easy. Vesey comes up with a wide range of tunes from Prince to Out Hud to Janelle Monae. Visit the post and chip in your suggestions!

By the time you read this, the MTV TJ competition will have concluded. I bring this up because one of the challenges was to go to a Robyn/Kelis concert and interview the artists. Matt Perpetua of Fluxblog also went to a Robyn/Kelis show and has a write-up plus an mp3 from each artist. Robyn came up in the dance pop world and Kelis toiled in the R&B industry, but both women are poised for big success in dance music. Check it out. I hope to have a review of Kelis’s latest up soon.

Finally, congrats to Gabi of Young, Fat, and Fabulous for becoming the first MTV TJ! Detroit/Chicago represent!


DJ On A Dime: Michigan Talent Showcase

July 24, 2010

Image from Voxphoto @ Flickr

As my home state of Michigan struggles with one of the highest unemployment rates in the country and the restructuring of its biggest city, let it be known that the state’s pedigree of top musical talent shows no signs of slowing down.

Like many Michigan natives in a troublesome economy (including myself), Rai Knight had to leave home and work on the West Coast and Scotland before she could come back and be a dope hot R&B singer on Detroit’s own FrontStreet records. Knight cites Gwen Stefani as an influence and it shows. Imagine if Stefani took a time machine back to 1961 and signed to Motown. Like a true D-Town resident, Knight comes on with the bite of a Cass Corridor buzz band. You can catch her single “Pivotal” for free on On Fire Music.

Staying in Detroit, we have Black Milk, an MC/Producer who has put in some time on the mixtape circuit, worked with the legendary Jay Dee/J Dilla (rest in peace) as well as some Rawkus and G-Unit alumni, has five albums under his belt and a new one, Album of the Year, due in September. Black Milk’s style is pure G-Funk: trippy keyboards and hard-ass drums. Check out a preview track, “Welcome (Gotta Go),” on RCRD LBL.

Finally, let’s head to one of Michigan’s fine cultural capitals, Ann Arbor. This college town produced Bob Seger, and now a new band is bringing the night moves. I first caught My Dear Disco in a dive bar in Birmingham, Alabama on a “Michigan Bailout Tour” with garage superstars The Hard Lessons. MDD’s electronica antics got me hooked! Unlike a lot of the dance-rock bands that are making waves, MDD’s members come from music school backgrounds, plus they are total hippies (they tour in a modified biofuel-burning bus), so their off-kilter rave music really stands out above the pack, plus their singer Michelle Chamuel sings with a richness that you don’t hear much anymore. Their website has some of their bootleg remixes and a mixtape from their DJ Body Rock up for grabs, and you can direct-buy their records from their Bandcamp page.

As a bonus hit, one of the top 5 contestants in MTV’s Twitter Jockey competition is a native Detroiter. Gabi Fresh is the founder of Young, Fat, and Fabulous, and she’s in the running to be MTV’s first jock on Twitter. Head to her page on MTV to get more info, or what the heck, just follow her on Twitter. Support Midwest talent. Support diverse talent. Hell, support TALENT.