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Internet Roundup: Mixtape Meltdown

July 19, 2010

Image from cassettes @ Flickr

Maybe it’s just my ignorance on the topic, but it seems like there are a lot of neat free mixtapes from high profile artists hitting the internet. The past few weeks I’ve been listening to mixes from Big Boi, DJ Jazzy Jeff, and Cee Lo. Each mix is a free download, so there’s really nothing to complain about for any of them, but each works best in its own setting.

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33 Non-Rock Songs I’d Like To See In Rock Band 3: Part 3 + Scenes

June 30, 2010

Image from rofanator @ Flickr

Here’s part 3 into my working list of hip-hop, R&B, funk, disco, electronic, dance, and pop songs that I would like to see in the Rock Band series. Here are parts 1 and 2!

But first a word about exclusivity and shared experiences.

Now if any of these songs I’ve been listing were to actually go into a Rock Band game, I imagine some people would be kind of upset, that “their” game was being compromised or diluted and that it was no longer “for them.” However, I would argue that these scenesters are depriving themselves of the opportunity for a shared experience. Oftentimes I find that the people I like to hang out with are those with whom I find similar interests or at least something to go beyond small talk. If I can chat with someone about one of my favorite music games, I don’t care if our favorite songs are different. I just like that in this age of splintering interest groups I can find someone to geek out with even if it’s only for a few minutes (at least until I have a kid). We all have to interact with one another and the shared experience or interest can make those interactions a lot easier. Let’s bring others into the tent. We may not all go for the same songs, but we can all play the game.

Note: Chuck Klosterman’s essay on Johnny Carson covers this idea of the common experience in a much better way than I ever could.

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DJ On A Dime: Promises, Promises

June 25, 2010

Image from dr. motte @ Flickr

So 911 may still be a joke, some federal judge makes a ruling that seems as in poor taste as those pro-BP remarks made by Joe Barton, and there’s some nasty sentiment against feeding the homeless afoot in San Diego, but it’s not all craptacular. U.S. Sec. of State Hillary Clinton ups her game campaigning for civil rights abroad while extending benefits for same-sex partners of State Department employees and making the whole passport deal more accessible for transgender people. She seems committed to expanding civil and economic protections and rights to those who don’t have them and she backs up her commitments, which I can’t say for every person in power. I just hope that others will follow her example, because it’s pretty cool.

You know what else is pretty cool? Free music! This is DJ on a Dime.

Fluxblog is another of the mp3 blog old guard. Matt Perpetua (who also writes reviews for Pitchfork) has been running it since 2002, and he’s posted a pretty wide range of material over the years, though lately he seems to lean towards the whole 90% indie rock/10% mainstream pop. I give him props for occasionally posting songs he doesn’t like and offering the download as a chance for his readers to see if they might disagree. He has the new Chemical Brothers song “Snow” up for download, and I’m not sure of his opinion on it. He characterizes the track as “gently levitating through dark clouds of pollution on your way to a cleaner, brighter place in the sky,” which sounds positive, but then I demoed the track for Kathy after reading the review and this was her reaction:

“Is something wrong with your fax machine? How long is this going to go on?”

I tend to be a Chemical Bros. apologist, but that’s due to the goodwill that came from the hard synth lines and awesome rock drumming of their singles. This track is beatless, and while I understand its point, I find its execution wanting. Try it for yourself and see how you’re feeling after a listen.

On the flipside of the indie/mainstream balance we have Pigeons and Planes. P&P is relatively new to the mp3 blog scene, having been in operation for only about 2-3 years, but its posts are prolific, it covers a big chunk of mainstream hip hop and big indie rock, and the guy who runs it just turned 25. It can seem a little shady at times with its leaked tracks and multitude of file hosting sites, but if you want the goods, this is the place to go. One coup of a hookup that’s come through recently is DJ Mick Boogie’s pairing of Rick Ross and Big Boi for a mixtape where they jump on each other’s songs. It’s free and it looks to be a neat blend of southern hip hop. A visit to Boogie’s site shows a fairly eclectic taste from his past mixes. It might a keeper.

That’s all well and good, but what if you want to listen to something new? There’s some hot 80s-flavored dance music over at DISCODUST from the Los Angeles duo Jump Jump Dance Dance, which is both an incredibly inane band name and an incredibly awesome band name. The remixes of the single “Modern Eyes” from Beni and Bit Funk have some pop to them, though I prefer the airiness of the Beni mix – it keeps things carefree. Fun fact: one of the guys in Jump Jump Dance Dance was formerly known as DJ Groove Terminator, whose “How Life Should Be,” because forever linked with Progressive Insurance before they adopted Flo as their spokeswoman. Eh, dude probably made a lot of royalties from those commercials.

Meanwhile, the hits keep on coming from Electrorash. They have this neat dance-rock remix by indie darlings The XX remixed by one of Australia’s up-and-coming DJs Andy Murphy. There’s some great contour in this track – the beats are driving but I still feel as though there’s enough of the original track to make it a highlight. Good use of breakdowns too!