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The Final Audition Rocks!

May 3, 2010


Rock music is such a broad category. When you read the title of today’s post, I bet that you were going to expect something that was heavy metal or punk or something that is “hard” and “loud” because that’s what it means to “rock,” doesn’t it? Yet the two songs pulled from my donation pile this week would hardly be considered as “rocking,” but still they are rock.

The Jennifer Marks piece is more sexy adult contemporary or vaguely country-rock than uptempo rock ‘n’ roll. Still I find her song warm and alluring. Meanwhile the Chomsky track while uptempo is restrained and, as its album title indicates, “quirky.” It’s fun power pop that doesn’t expect too much and gives little in return.

Still both of these songs would be filed under “rock” or at least “alternative” which has been the “rock” stand in category since the early-to-mid ‘90s. They may not meet the connotation, but I like them and want to pass them along. Heck, the Chomsky song repeats the word “rock” in its chorus countdown.

Eh, “who needs guitars anyway?” Enjoy the music.

Jennifer Marks – “Window” from the Red Kurl album My Name’s Not Red (2000)

Chomsky – “00:15:00” from the Idol album Onward Quirky Soldiers (2001)


Shopping For Feathers In The Afterlife

April 18, 2010

“Tough Feathershoppers” a new mashup by Kodiax

First: I hope everyone had a great Record Store Day. Kathy and I went to the fabulous Twist and Shout store in Denver. We bought CDs from The Dirtbombs and Annie and caught a live DJ set from Bonobo. Keep supporting your local music stores, party people!

Onto the main post!

The mashup in today’s post came from my Final Audition project. It was originally going to be a simple blend of two of the songs below, but Kathy had a great idea to add in more backing tracks and the mashup was ready to rock!

In the end I was inspired by 2 Many DJs’ classic mashup remix of the Beastie Boys’ “Intergalactic” that went from Herbie Hancock to INXS to AC/DC for backing tracks. The great thing about that mix was how on each verse the instrumental switched and tone of the song completely changed while the core song stayed the same. Plus the song choices were just top notch. To this day I find it to be a fantastic party track.

For “Tough Feathershoppers,” I had a similar M.O.: find a mix of tracks and but keep the tone consistent. This is a more chilled out head-nodding vibe.

Here’s the mashup. Rock your body tonight!


Kodiax – “Afterlife Makeout Part 2” from the Agagaas EP Bears In the Hood (2009)

Nikka Costa – “Like A Feather” from the Virgin album Everybody Got Their Something (2001)

Purple Ribbon Allstars – “Body Rock” from the Purple Ribbon/Virgin album Big Boi Presents…Got Purp? Vol. 2 (2005)

50 Cent – “Window Shopper” from the G-Unit/Shady/Aftermath/Interscope soundtrack Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ (2005)

New Kids On The Block – “Hangin’ Tough” from the Columbia album Hangin’ Tough (1988)


The Final Audition Part 2

April 17, 2010

American Idol Image from Progressive Boink

As I continue to go through my music and decide what CDs to donate, I found a few tracks that seemed to fit along a dancey theme. These tracks also kinda show how times were different back in the late 90s and early 2000s.

The Debelah Morgan track represents a time when were a lot more R&B singers out on the market. There seemed like there were especially more women R&B singers in both solo and group from before Beyonce and Rihanna locked it down. It’s market consolidation in action!

Meanwhile, I remember when electronic acts got airplay on rock stations. The kind that did get airplay were in that breakbeat subgenere of Big Beat. While The Chemical Brothers and Fatboy Slim were the biggest acts to come out of that scene, there were tons of acts that made little blips and then went away. Big Beat was to 1996 what Grunge was to 1991 and Skint was the Sub Pop nexus of the scene. This Aleem track was likely one of those blips that popped and faded.

A few years later, the Big Beat sound went out of favor and more straightforward disco-lounge-pop acts got somewhat popular. Kylie Minogue and Madison Avenue were the two that come to mind for me, but DJ Spiller had a hit or two in there as well.

The tracks below were from my donation pile but I want to share them with you. I tried to find the official websites but it seems a though a lot of these artists have faded into obscurity and off the record. Thank God for Discogs and Wikipedia. These few singles are all that remain….

Debelah Morgan – “Dance With Me (Boom Boom Remix)” from 2000 Atlantic single Dance With Me (2000)

Aleem – “Why Hawaii (Original Formula Mix)” from the Conrete/Pro-Zak EP Why Hawaii (1996)

DJ Spiller – “Positive” from the Black Moon single Positive (1998)


The Final Audition

April 11, 2010

I have a pile of music sitting on my desk at home. I’ve had this music for a long time – none of it is new. This isn’t some big reorganization move, although that’s part of it. No, I’m deciding what music I own is worth keeping. I never thought that I would say this.

I have too much music.

At least, I have too much for the space I have allotted for it. At this point in my life I’m too mobile. When I’m established, I’ll have some grand, sprawling library rendered useless by its sheer volume, like some fat cat rendered immobile by the weight of prosperity. Until then, I’ll trim some of the fat. Not a lot, but a little.

There will still be sprawl. There will still be stuff that is hard to get at. But a little purging is OK. Two years ago one of my hard drives crashed and I lost 4 years of music. Eight years before that I gradually lost my first 200 CDs due to scratched discs and negligent care. “The tide rises, the tide falls….”

It’s time to face the music.

From the bin of promo discs that fell into my hands in high school and college….

From the days when there were few mp3 blogs and when I learned about music from CMJ New Music Monthly and Revolution….

From major label busts and international indie never-weres in the fat times of the early 2000s….

From every disc I donated I chose to save a few songs, including these….

Jersey Street Allstars – “Burnin’” from the Electric Chair single Burnin (2003) (out of print)

Eric Benet – “Closer” from the Warner Bros album Better and Better (2001) (unreleased)

Poe – “Haunted” from the Atlantic album Haunted (2000)