This is a blog about music, other media that touches on music (particularly video games and TV shows), and a little social studies.

A little bit about me: from 2005 to 2006 I was a music director for WNUR’s Streetbeat program. Occasionally I make original tracks, remixes, and mashups in addition to my reviews and write-ups.

Music is available for a limited time. Links and pics usually get removed once they leave the front page or after 60 days, whichever comes first.

These posts are meant for the purpose of trying music, discovering new music, and promoting artists. If you like any of the music, buy the album or mp3s. Support the music! If you are an artist or represent an artist and you would like me to take anything down or put anything up, email me at: kodiaxe@yahoo.com

Also, follow me on Twitter!

Credits: motionblur @ Flickr for the header image photo. Kathy @ Sanguine Style for the header image. Pigeons and Planes for the disclaimer wording.


One comment

  1. Saw Vicci Martinez in a small suburban venue a couple of weeks ago…she ROCKED the house. Her voice is amazing.

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