Thoughts On American Idol: Top 6 Results

April 26, 2012

Image from Mike Licht, Notionscapital.com via Flickr, used under Creative Commons

Last night was all over the place. Let’s get to it.

First, here are the musical performances in order they were on the show.
1. The Queen Extravaganza – “Somebody To Love” I should have known I couldn’t escape this reality competition staple. The contestant avoided it, so now this cover band has to pick up the slack. I’m sure you could find a band of comparable talent at your county fair this summer. The last-minute appearances by Brian May and Roger Taylor couldn’t redeem this act. Was Adam Lambert busy?

2. Ford Music Video: That performance was so wooden the stars of Ax Men would have a field day.

3. Stefano Langone – “I’m On A Roll” What has Mehfano been up to these days? I should like that he’s doing dance pop, but with singing this flat it’s like he never left the show. And I was so happy when he left the show. Looks like the D.O.D. project team overseeing the clone farm that spawned this guy still needs to work on their musicality processor.

4. Katy Perry – “Part of Me” Don’t get me wrong, I think this song is catchy. That said, this performance is as bad as the last time KP performed on Idol. She was vocally flat and off key and her dancing was awkward. Just like how she used Kanye West and Rita Repulsa’s Putty Patrol from last season, she used her brigade of military-themed dancers and the onslaught of smoke and sparks to hide her mediocre stage presence. As she might sing, she’s hot in the studio and cold on the stage. Why does she keep trying to do it?

Bottom 3
1. Elise Testone: It’s not that she crashed and burned last night. I for one approved of her risk-taking. I just wish she did it earlier in the show and saved her no-bullshit performance for the end. It would have helped her stand out more against the hot competition in the first half and the claptrap in the second half.

2. Hollie Cavanagh: Here we are again. Hollie performs on this show the way I play NBA 2K12 – perpetually losing.

3. Skylar Laine: Phillip musically scooted his ass across the stage on Wednesday. Not 10 seconds after she is sent to the bottom three, Seacrest sends Skylar back to the couch for tonight there is a smidgen of justice.

The Loser
Elise had a few close calls, but all things considered she made it pretty far on this show before she got the boot. She didn’t deserve to get the boot this week, not after what Hollie pulled last night (“The Climb?” Seriously?). Still, I can take some consolation in that, free from the grip of Lythgoe and Iovine, Elise can have a nice career with her band or on her own. I wasn’t into her style at the start, but she won me over.


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