Thoughts On American Idol: Top 7 Results Again

April 19, 2012

Image from Mike Licht, Notionscapital.com via Flickr, used under Creative Commons

I have to hand it to Idol for last night. By cramming 14 performances into a 2-hour block, they kept the judge and Iovine banter to a minimum. As a bonus, not all of those performances sucked! Now will the show follow past precedents and boot two of the contestants this week or will they stretch this thing out by another week?

First, here are the musical performances in order they were on the show.
1. Top 7 Contestants – “Dancing In the Streets” Josh and Skylar managed to make the most of that recital-grade rendition. The others could be replaced a random sample of nearly any five teens in America. Also, why was the show squandering the talents of Quest Crew as backup dancers? What a waste!

2. Ford Music Video: Skylar comes out on top again, for when all the other contestants looked like extras on Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, she looked like La Roux’s Elly Jackson.

3. Kris Allen – “The Vision Of Love” The most interesting thing about that performance was the rotating piano platform in the middle of the stage. Come on, Kris, Adam Lambert had no problem hitting those high notes and he lost to you. WHY CAN’T YOU HIT THOSE NOTES? What a waste!

4. LMFAO – “Sorry For Party Rocking” This song is new to me. Also, unlike other dance pop performances on this show SkyBlu and RedFoo sounded bad enough that they had to be doing it live. Otherwise that performance was a big crazy crass catchy loud superfun show. With Quest Crew. And two people doing the running man in a zebra costume. Yes.

Bottom 3
1. Hollie Cavanagh: It feels like Hollie has been in the bottom three so much that I’ve run out of critical things to say about her. I’m disappointed in myself.

2. Elise Testone: Poor Elise just can’t catch a break. She turned out one of her best performances this season and got kicked to the edge. She could have picked some better songs and been livelier from time to time, but ultimately she has had quite the growth during her run on the show.

3. Colton Dixon: BAHAHAHAHAHAHA it’s about time! I have liked one, maybe two of the performances from this square in punk’s clothing. When he has me rooting for the low key white guy with an acoustic guitar to beat him, he has accomplished something truly special.

The Loser
And there was a collective WHA?!!! followed by a YEAH!!! as Colton is revealed to be the bottom vote getter. With Jessica having already taken the judges’ save, nothing can protect him from elimination. Good riddance I say. His time on this show was painful to watch. Plus there was the whole thing of the judges and/or producers letting him in when he didn’t formally audition for the show. Like Dante Hicks at the Quick Stop, Colton wasn’t even supposed to be there this season. Now he is out. Might there be hope for this show? Probably not, but I can still count my blessings.


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