Thoughts on The Voice Top 16: Team Blake vs. Team Xtina Voting Results

April 17, 2012

Image edited from original by Mike Licht, Notionscapital.com via Flickr, used under Creative Commons

We had quite the shocker on Monday’s Voice. Now that wholesome, safe Jesse Campbell’s out of the game, it feels like anyone can take home the prize. Oh and by anyone I mean it’ll probably be Jamar winning the finals. That’s not who I’m necessarily rooting for, it’s just my prediction. Let’s get to the results….

Here are the guest musical performance and video….
– The Wanted – “Chasing The Sun” Boy bands are back! At least they’re performing a different song from their time on Idol. It’s a catchy tune, though Kathy correctly noted that something was a little offbeat in their phrasing, like an O-Zone song. “Mai Ya hee,” and such. The end appearance by Team Blake was a non-factor.

– Justin Bieber – “Boyfriend (Premiere of the Clip)” This little 20-second video clip was a little bit Timbaland, a little bit the Ying Yang Twins (it was actually a Mike Posner production.) Seriously, I thought the Biebs was going to open with “Hey how ya doin’ lil’ mama let me whisper in ya ear…,” which would have been quite the turn for the guy.

Now for the vetted teams….

Team Xtina
1. Chris Mann: Mr. Mann finally started to engage the audience and was rightly rewarded for it. Remember that opera is both acting and singing, so keep on acting, bro.

2. Lindsey Pavao (Xtina save): Her voice is barely louder than Karla Davis’s. I hate to say this, but based on her desperation song she should stick to the sparse material so as not to let her delicate flower of a voice get crushed by the sound. However, if she plays to her strengths she might be boring as hell.

Team Blake
1. Jermaine Paul: He took an overdone dirge and turned it into a fairly star-worthy performance. Once again solid effort is rewarded by the voting audience!

2. Erin Willett (Blake save): Her desperation song was an improvement from last night, but she may have been too casual and couldn’t keep up with the backing track. Find that balance between casual confidence and serious professionalism, Erin! Also, I’m happy we don’t have a repeat of Blake’s misguided teen patronage of last season.

The Losers
– Ashley De La Rosa: Ashley shows proper talent but she took forever to get going in her performances. It kind of shows up her relative inexperience. Still, I like what she brought to the show and feel like she can do some good stuff in the future.

– RaeLynn: Well Rae was finally starting to take shit seriously this week, so the Xenia comparisons might not be as apt as they were before, but her desperation song was purely pageant and that’s just no good. See ya!

Interesting how the two youngest contestants on Blake and Xtina’s teams got the boot tonight, no? Do you see a difference from last season, Voice fans?


One comment

  1. I think Christina Aguilera made the wrong choice to save Lindsey Pavao. If you compare her record to Ashley’s, she has one hit, “Say Aah,” which only demonstrates her creativity as a songwriter. Vocal wise, not so much. She couldn’t keep up with Ashley, Jesse, and Chris in the opening performance with Christina Aguilera. She didn’t do Kurt Cobain justice, even though she grew up listening to him, and she made Katy Perry’s song seem “unheard of” to Cee Lo Green. Of all people, I’m very disappointed in Christina Aguilera. She is causing The Voice to lose credibility as a “unique show that only judges the quality of the voice.”

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