Thoughts On American Idol: Top 7 Results

April 12, 2012

Image from Mike Licht, Notionscapital.com via Flickr, used under Creative Commons

While Idol’s 2010s theme night wasn’t a wall-to-wall barnburner, we’re getting to the point where even the bad contestants can make a case for staying on. Let’s see who the voters thought couldn’t keep up with the times….

First, here are the musical performances in order they were on the show.
1. Top 7 Contestants – “Raise Your Glass” You know if they gave that performance during the group rounds in Hollywood Week, none of them would be on that stage today. That song was wrong for everyone singing it, and I mean everyone. The one bright spot was Colton lying with his head in Phillip’s lap and Phillip caressing him. I can only imagine Colton’s thought process: “You people won’t leave me alone about supposedly dating Skylar? Well Phillip and I are gonna flirt it up! How ya like me now?”

2. Ford Music Video: Sometimes I wish Elise really would hop on a dragon and chase her competition around the stage with jets of fire.

3. James Durbin – “Higher Than Heaven” Well, maybe some singers do better when they leave the shadow of Idol. I thought this performance was actually pretty damn catchy. The pop metal track had a great groove to it and those guitar lines just chugged along like a doomsday engine. James himself seems like he’s in much better control of his voice. His vocal runs rose and fell like tidal waves, and they were even on key! He seems way more into this uptempo throwback metal than the histrionic stuff that I hated on during his Idol run last season. And he’s even still with his now-wife, even though we never saw her last season. Way to rock out, dude!

4. Jennifer Hudson ft. Ne-Yo – “Think Like A Man” Jennifer Hudson is totally jacking Janelle Monae’s look, with that future retro dress and lady pompadour. Meanwhile Ne-Yo looks like he could be in the Pet Shop Boys. Fashion razzing aside, this sounded pretty nice. Hudson and her backup singers laid down a nice vocal melody. Ne-Yo had some cool solo moments both with his singing and his footwork. Not to be upstaged, Jennifer Hudson laid down some fabulous vocal runs at the end. These two actually had some pretty good chemistry! This seems like a plug for that movie based on a Steve Harvey guidebook, but I’ll concede that this track was hot!

Bottom 3
1. Josh Ledet: I’ll concede that about half of his performances consisted of him messing around with vocal runs totally independent of the music, but when he focuses on fitting his talents into the groove he can deliver some amazing performances.

2. Elise Testone: Her performance style is also inconsistent. She crashes when she does the stale ballads. Her strength is in the rock numbers, those songs with some blue collar grit. When she’s gone for Gaga or Zep she’s been off the charts. Be consistent, Elise!

3. Jessica Sanchez: She’s probably the most consistently awesome performer on this show. There have been maybe two of her performances that I haven’t been keen on, and even those weren’t enough to put her in my bottom three. That she’s in the bottom when some of these other jerks made the top half shows just how out of line my taste is with the rest of this show’s audience.

The Loser
And there was a collective WHA?!!! heard from all over that audience as Jessica was revealed to be the bottom vote getter. It’s total bullshit and the judges agree as they storm the stage about 8 notes into her “don’t send me away” song. Randy goes on this righteous rant about America getting the vote wrong and calling Jessica one of the best singers to ever be on the show. While I wouldn’t go that far, I give Randy props for calling out the voting population on their taste. As Kathy said during the save, “When Randy Jackson is calling out your musical taste you have bad taste.” The audience is the loser.


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