Thoughts On American Idol: Top 10 Super-Truncated Results

March 23, 2012

Image from Mike Licht, Notionscapital.com via Flickr, used under Creative Commons

Note: Starting next week I will start doing more fleshed out recaps of the Idol results shows.

So for Top 10 week the contestants sang the work of Billy Joel. While the performances were a little too slow for my taste, I was still pleased with the overall quality. Let’s see who was on the chopping block Thursday night.

Bottom 3
1. DeAndre Brackensick: Fair! DeAndre was way worse last week, and he deserves points for starting things on an upbeat note. Still, he had the misfortune of going first and performing in the middle of the pack, quality-wise. He also maybe leaned a little too much on the high end of his range.
2. Heejun Han: Boo! Come on, people! Heejun actually brought a performance with the teeth to match his offstage persona. He acts like he’s above the whole proceedings, but last night he was willing to let the audience in on the joke. Now if he stays on he’ll probably go back to the same old “apprentice Josh Groban” boring bullshit.
3. Erika Van Pelt: Fair! I’ve been rooting for Erika all season but I understand her placing in the bottom. Between her mobile DJ backstory and the recappers pegging her as this season’s hard rocker, I was expecting more upbeat material from her, or at least something with teeth. She just kept doing her “pop ballad or power ballad” thing, and after last night I understand if some voters got tired.

The Loser
I’m not too happy with this Bottom 3, especially since Colton hasn’t been able to sing all damn season and Phillip and Hollie keep going through the motions (though props to Elise for her recovery!) Still, someone must depart and it’s….DJ EVP! It’s a bittersweet loss, since Erika is incredibly talented and demonstrated a lot of potential on the show. However, as good as she was she never really progressed beyond those initial few successes. When the rest of the contestants got better while she got worse, the audience lost patience with her the way I lost patience with The Walking Dead on AMC. Goodbye Erika. You were one of the best singers in the Top 10. Here’s hoping you can have some fun outside the grip of Idol.


One comment

  1. Actually, I thought Elise Testone would place much lower. I had a feeling she wasn’t resonating well with the American public. Hopefully I’m wrong and she’ll get stronger over the coming weeks.

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