Thoughts On American Idol: Top 13 Super-Truncated Results

March 9, 2012

Image from Mike Licht, Notionscapital.com via Flickr, used under Creative Commons

So Wednesday night we had the gender-bound theme of men singing Stevie Wonder and women singing Whitney Houston. I thought there was a surprising amount of decent performances, but we’ll have to see how the voting shakes out.

Bottom 3 Men
1. Jermaine Jones: Boo! He certainly didn’t bring his A-game, but he had one of the better performances.
2. Josh Ledet: Boo! This guy tries to have some fun and he’s punished for it? What the fuck, Idol?! He’ll be singing vaguely inspirational clunkers the rest of the season to stay safe now.
3. Jeremy Rosado: Fair! While Jeremy isn’t the worst singer among the men, his performance last night was pretty damn boring. I wish he’d bring a little more confidence (or at least steal some from Colton.)

Bottom 3 Women
1. Shannon Magrane: Yay! I can’t stand this annoyingly wholesome rich girl’s act and the audience clearly couldn’t stand her abrasive singing.
2. Erika Van Pelt: Boo! DJ EVP is one of the most consistently competent singers this season, and her power ballad performance was at least a little interesting. She deserves to make it at least to the top 4, so long as she can push the tempo a little bit.
3. Elise Testone: Fair-to-Boo! While I wasn’t offended by her audible-call rendition of “I’m Your Baby Tonight,” I can see how her gravelly performance wouldn’t go over. Kathy told me afterward that she wasn’t feeling Elise’s singing, and I’ll concede that if she goes on she’ll probably do crummy ballad after crummy ballad.

Bottom 2
1. Jeremy
2. Elise

The Loser
It falls to the judges to decide who will be the first casualty of the top 13 and they send Jeremy packing. It’s kind of a shame since his singing was merely boring whereas some of his competitors took turns figuratively pooping on the stage (I’m looking at you, Colton and Phillip.) I feel that he did deserve to go home more than Elise did, and this does put the men and women on equal footing, numbers-wise. We’ll just have to see if Elise can redeem herself because she is on thin ice. As for Jeremy, he shouldn’t let this elimination get him down. He’s young enough that with some formative experiences he can develop artistically, put some punch in his singing, and go clean up on The Voice in 5 years.


One comment

  1. Get rid of Joshua… Have no idea why Judges are pushing him and lying about his singing ability. The worst was his duet with Phil. Tired of Jessica but more tired of Joshua and I hope he is voted off tonight

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