Thoughts On The Voice: Top 8 Results Show

June 22, 2011

Daly rattles off a bunch of iTunes statistics and already we’re on to the music. Thank you President Obama for cutting into the show and convincing The Voice to move things along!

Top 8 Contestants – “Freedom ’90 + Faith”

Considering I don’t know much about George Michael’s music, I thought this was a solid performance. Most of the contestants can harmonize with each other and each of them nailed their generous solos, at least vocally. Poor Xenia still looked unsure about everything, Casey looked as stiff as Chris Parnell’s Tom Brokaw, Vicci looked like she was struggling to be heard over the mix when she sounded just fine, Beverly continued with her chicken dance antics, and Javier was totally coasting. Nakia, Dia, and Frenchie killed their parts, though. Such power belting!


Team Cee Lo Eliminations – Nakia vs. Vicci

  • Cee Lo’s Vote: 51% Nakia, 49% Vicci because Vicci was buried in the drum line.
  • Popular Vote: Vicci by a damn wide margin.

Vicci Martinez makes the Top 4. I did not see that coming, but that’s not a bad thing! Vicci just barely missed my Top 3 last night, and her fun, powerful style and righteous swagger ensure that we’re in for a good night next week.


Cee Lo Green – “Bright Lights, Bigger City”

The man wears more wigs than Lady Gaga. After an odd big band intro complete with a quartet of flappers, Cee Lo goes right into one of the best songs on The Lady Killer. While he sounded out of breath at parts, I’ll chalk that up to his having to give his contestant elimination speech right before he went on stage. That aside he still sang with great effort and never lost his quirky, cheesy style. Not even the horrendously incongruous backup dancers could take that away from him.


Team Adam Eliminations – Casey vs. Javier

  • Adam’s Vote: 65% Javier, 35% Casey because while Adam sugarcoated his words, he could be honest in his numbers. It was no contest.
  • Popular Vote: Javier who at the grand total had more twice as many points as Casey. I kind of feel bad for her, though did anyone not see that coming?

Javier Colon powers into the Top 4 by one of the widest margins I have seen (that’s the other neat thing about this show – they show the actual voting percentages.) His style is a little too mellow for me, but of all the music competition show contestants I have rooted against, a victory for Javier is still a fair win because I respect the dude’s talent.


Team Blake Eliminations – Dia vs. Xenia

  • Blake’s Vote: 50/50. What a chicken. I think that Blake likes Xenia more as a person, but he knows that if he gave her more points than Dia there would be a thousand cries of “This is bullshit!” heard across the nation.
  • Popular Vote: Dia by a surprisingly close margin.

Dia Frampton makes the Top 4 and gets closer to her goal of avenging her old band Meg & Dia while Blake gets to put words in Dia’s mouth post-elimination. You shut your tool mouth, Blake Shelton! Seriously though, Dia’s alternately cuddly and sharp emoting will make her a force to be reckoned with in the finals. She’s been one of my favorites this season.


Team Xtina Eliminations – Beverly vs. Frenchie

  • Christina’s Vote: 50/50. What a chicken. I’ll concede that Frenchie has the better story, but Beverly clearly pulled off the stronger rendition last night.
  • Popular Vote: Clearly for Beverly.

Beverly’s combination of bluesy growl and Mick Jagger stage moves make her one of the more lighthearted contestants Top 4. Still her victory is further indicative of this show’s audience preference for talent over story. And after the travesty that was the voting on this past season of Idol, I have much respect for the show’s audience.

I’m pretty happy with how this show’s finals lineup turned out. I’m rooting for Vicci, Dia, and Beverly, and while I’m not into Javier I can respect how he’s a near shoo-in to win the prize. As annoyed as I have been with the coaches’ antics and song choices, I am pleased with how this show has played out so far.


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