Internet Roundup

June 20, 2011

Back in the late 90s, Jamiroquai was one of those crossover acts that convinced my alternative and electronic-addled teen self to take R&B and disco music seriously. Some Kind Of Awesome has their new song “Smile” up for free download. The song’s artwork says it all – sunny and slow buring. It mixes the chill bounciness of Stevie Wonder with the spacey melodies of Steve Miller. Those used to Jay Kay’s more bumping singles like “Canned Heat,” and “Feels Just Like It Should,” might be taken aback, but I can assure you “Smile” brings mellow goodness.

Now if you need that uptempo crazy dance awesomeness, boogie on down to Hard Candy. They posted the Hype Jones remix of Dev’s track “In The Dark.” It’s like an even more propulsive and energetic “Like A G6” (on which Dev raps the chorus.)  While that’s hardly a novel compliment, good dance music is good dance music and you could do a lot worse with a free download.

In somewhat more serious news, 50 Cent is writing a book about a bully who learns the error of his ways. Katherine St. Asaph at Popdust points out that while 50 has used violent imagery in his music, he’s far more qualified to write about bullying than the 5 acts that make up her rundown. Highlights of the list include John Mayer (“…anyone who ironically or not refers to part of himself as a “white supremacist” is not the right person to be teaching kids about bullying….”) and Katy Perry (“UR So Gay” would be enough, with lyrics like “you’re so gay, and you don’t even like boys” that even the hardest bullies would smear off the bathroom stall like Good Samaritans.”)

Finally, my condolences go out to the families and friends of Clarence Clemons (1942-2011) and Ryan Dunn (1977-2011.) Rest in peace.


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