Internet Roundup

June 13, 2011

First off, congratulations to the Dallas Mavericks for winning the 2011 NBA Finals and defeating the Miami Heat to avenge their 2006 Finals loss! Crazy old Mark Cuban gets a trophy and crazy old Lebron James gets to brood for another year. My condolences to the rest of the Heat team and the Miami fans, but BAHAHAHAHAHA TOO BAD SO SAD LEBRON.

Since the PlayStation Network fucking finally came back online I’ve been catching up with the backlog of DLC for Rock Band, especially since I took the offline time to start learning Pro Keys. The new Lady Gaga DLC is a given, but I’m crazy excited for tomorrow’s release of Chumbawamba’s “Tubthumping” and A-Ha’s “Take On Me” for the game. The former has a good mix of shout-along karaoke, big instrumentation, and a little politics. The latter has that hot keyboard line and that fabulous low-high singing. Too bad the song won’t come with a video filter that lets players import the band into “Take On Me’s” iconic video. Eh, a good party song is a good party song.

Meanwhile, Andrew Unterberger of Popdust has a takedown of Eminem’s recent dis on Lady Gaga. I won’t go too much into it, but the takedown reminded me of Sady Doyle’s awesome critique of Odd Future’s Tyler The Creator and his nasty sophomoric rape posturing on Tiger Beatdown. One defense that comes up of both Em andTyler’s offensive content is that “it’s provocative,” or “it’s funny.” What Unterberger hints at and what Doyle really lays out is that these half-assed attempts at “edgy” are tired, trite, and frankly make the tellers seem insecure. I used to be just like that, probably through my early 20s, and I was a dumbass.

Finally, due to some work commitments the next The Voice recap will not be up on Tuesday. I will be DVRing the show and will whip up a recap for Wednesday.


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