Thoughts On American Idol Top 6: Elimination

April 28, 2011

What the fuck is on the front of Randy’s shirt? I can’t tell if it’s a big red bandage or a car door. Steven Tyler’s look is part trashy romance novel and part bad pimp costume. J.Lo is lovely in her red dress. Say what you will about J. Lo, for the most part she has got great style.

British Consulate Interlude: Was that Jonathan Rhys-Meyers giving the toast re: the Royal Wedding?

There’s a group performance….

It’s a Carole King medley!

Jacob and Lauren can sing on key. The others sing kind of flat and shouty like they’re in a musical number on The Simpsons. Later Scotty is crooning surrounded by about 7 teenage girls who are supposed to be enthralled but look like they’re trying their best not to laugh. The group sing-off at the end was nice and relaxed.

Ford Music Video – “Our House”

Wow! The director sure loves midcentury furniture and Harold and the Purple Crayon!

Crystal Bowersox – “Ridin’ With The Radio”

I see the season 9 runner-up onstage, I recall Lee DeWyze’s performance from a few weeks ago, and I am reminded how Crystal Bowersox got robbed last season. She performs a nice, earnest, breezy country song. Her band is tight. Her Joplin-esque twang is on point like a laser-guided missile. Most of all, she comes off tough, warm and genuinely likable. I want to hang out with her.

Question Time Interlude: Casey name drops Oscar Peterson. Lauren mentions the difficulty of being away from people she knows down south when the tornadoes struck. Scotty used to work in a grocery store and a tanning salon. He seems a little more human. James mentions the “band” he had with Casey, Paul, and Stefano to little fanfare. Haley’s favorite past Idol contestants were Adam Lambert, Siobhan Magnus, Kelly Clarkson (Hey! Mine too!) and Lee DeWyze (I don’t care if he’s fromChicago, he still sucks).

Bruno Mars– “[I didn’t catch the song title]”

The set is done up like a shitty apartment or band practice space, with crummy rugs, old couches, and a live (and very cute) dog. The song is some catchy reggae-pop, like a better version of that “Price Tag” song by British Katy Perry. Mars has an 11-piece Hooligan Orchestra backing him up. He sings well and the song is really catchy. I look forward to when it hits the radio.

Bottom 3 (Announced in 5 rounds, 6 inane criticisms from Jimmy Iovine, and 1 beeping of Haley’s reaction to said criticism)

  1. Jacob Lusk (and just as he was starting to push the tempo)
  2. Scotty McCreery (and just as he was starting to cut the crap and show some emotion)
  3. Casey Abrams (and just as he…kept growling? Going through the motions?)

Casey is out! That judges’ save sure lasted him awhile! After they picked the Top 13, I was rooting for Casey to go all the way because he seemed to be the most interesting and talented contestant on the show. A few weeks later he kind of dashed my expectations with a few phoned in performances. It was a roller coaster from there. He goes out with a bang, reprising “I Put A Spell On You.” He nails the song while managing to do a lap around the whole theater, kissing Steven Tyler on the cheek and getting some amusing kowtowing from James (actually one of James’s more likeable moments on the entire run of the show.) You had a good run, Casey. I hope you continue to find success.


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