Internet Roundup

April 25, 2011

First, RCRD LBL has a trio of barn burning dance numbers up for free download. Former Daft Punk emulators Digitalism push the tempo with the new-wavey rock piece “2 Hearts.” Meanwhile Herve and Adam F remix the Missy/Ginuwine/Timbaland tune “Get Involved 2011.” They commit the remix sin of using virtually no elements of the original song, but they still get by on the sheer hard electronic catchiness of their “stadium kaos” music. Finally the site has “Wait And See,” yet another new song by New York’s Holy Ghost!, who must have at least an EP’s worth of material for the taking. They’re good stuff: the sweet synth leads, the sincere vocals, the 80s disco rhythm section, Holy Ghost! are one of my artists to watch this year.

Meanwhile, The Awl has a very in-depth piece by Willy Staley about the ups and downs of reading rapping as poetry. While Staley touches on the obvious performative aspects of rap that separate it from plain ol’ poetry, he also covers the aspects of the medium that murk up authorship like ghostwriting and flat out rhyme-stealing (such as the evidence that Sugarhill Gang’s “Rapper’s Delight,” the “Rock Around The Clock” of hip-hop was partially plagiarized). The best part of the piece is the profile on the business Rap Rebirth, where you can pay a guy to write rhymes in the styles of certain rappers. It seems part Aries Spears attention to detail, part Wayne Brady versatility, and part Ark Music Factory commercialism.

Finally, NBC’s new music competition show The Voice premiers tomorrow. The show’s big features appear to be the “blind audition,” and the four coach/judges, three of whom (Cee-Lo Green, Christina Aguilera, and Maroon 5’s Adam Levine) have made albums I have spent money on. I don’t know much about the fourth, Blake Shelton, but he seems nice enough and I recall seeing him getting visibly irate with Larry King’s inane and nonsensical questions when he was a guest on his show. Finally, the whole thing is hosted by Carson Daly, a man whom I had pegged to be the next Dick Clark before Ryan Seacrest took that crown. I plan to catch the premier tomorrow and if the talent and formatting is tight enough, I will recap it with the same idealism and hostility I bring to my Idol recaps. Popdust has an extended trailer.


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