Internet Roundup

April 5, 2011

The first bands I liked came from my mom’s music (Genesis, Billy Joel) or from my best friend who was into music a little before me (Ace Of Base, ZZ Top). Really though I was into video games before I was into music. So when I accompanied an older cousin to Sam Goody so she could get Boyz II Men’s II, I got Mortal Kombat: The Album, a collection of keyboard-heavy rave tunes inspired by the game and performed by “The Immortals,” which I presumed to be some producer’s house band. Those cheesy songs were pretty awful, (save for “Techno Syndrome” which became the theme for the Mortal Kombat movie), but they planted the dance music seed that would grow when I heard “Firestarter” two years later. So to promote Mortal Kombat’s 2011 video game reboot, there’s a new batch of dance songs inspired by the game. In place of a no-name production team from the first album these songs are by hip-hop and electronic producers I’ve actually heard of: 9th Wonder, Them Jeans, LA Riots, and JFK of MSTRKRFT. The music is as diverse as the game’s character lineup. Mortal Kombat: Songs Inspired By The Warriors goes for $5.99 on Amazon. At worst, the music sounds like it will be great workout music.

Kathy sent me an essay by Lyndsey Parker on Yahoo that counts down the 9 Worst TV Judges of All Time. Three of the judges Parker lists come from music shows, two come from dance shows, and one comes from a variety show that often features music acts. Parker’s criteria for making the list seems to be pretty fair: to be a bad judge is equal parts a lack of credibility and awful onscreen antics. As down as I am on the current judging panel on Idol (well really just Randy and Steven), I understand why none of them made the list. Spoiler alert: Parker’s piece certainly made me rethink my argument that Diddy would make a great judge on Idol.

Finally tax season is upon us here in America and apparently Lil Wayne owes the IRS $5.6 million in back taxes (thanks to Andrew Unterberger at Popdust for the original story). The feds have issued a lien against him based on earnings from 2008 ($3.4 million including interest) and 2009 ($2.2 million including interest). While it’s not the epic $32 million Willie Nelson owed the IRS in 1990 (which was so bad he recorded an album specifically to pay off the debt), Weezy should pay it off before it reaches that level. Luckily Wayne has a great work ethic. Counting the Young Money album, he’s released an album every year since 2008 (right on time, Tha Carter IV is due out May 23rd), so some revenue should be coming in. Then again, given the industry nowadays….


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