Thoughts On American Idol Top 11: Elimination

March 24, 2011


Tonight’s elimination is one of the most important of the season, as whoever is booted today doesn’t get to go on the tour. Which poor sap is destined to truly disappear into obscurity, never to be heard from again? The Judges are announced (this judges intro is getting tedious at 2x per week.) Jennifer Lopez is dressed to the nines in that cute gold bead dress. Meanwhile Steven Tyler is dressed like a glam cowboy granny.

We get a montage of Marc Anthony coaching contestants on pitch and then watching and reacting to last night’s judgments through the world’s smallest TV in the green room. Fox is really cheaping out.

There is a group performance….

It’s a Motown medley!

Ain’t No Moutain High Enough + Signed Sealed Delivered I’m Yours + Happy Birthday


  • Jacob and Naima start things off right. They’re kicking butt until Paul and Thia show up to wreck the number. It’s downhill from here….
  • James’s wailing ruins everyone else’s singing.
  • Whoever produces the medleys hates Casey because gets maybe 1/5th of the mic time that Mush Mouth gets.
  • When Stevie Wonder is pushed out for a surprise performance, the contestants move off to the sides and sing along, except that all you can hear is the backup singers. I guess the producers don’t trust the contestants with actual singers.
  • Double surprise! It’s Steven Tyler’s birthday! Stevie Wonder vamps it up a little before the birthday singoff, which is kind of sweet.

Ford music video “All This Beauty”

They jacked the melody from Sesame Street! Children’s Television Workshop is going to have to bust some heads, bottle tree or no bottle tree.

Sugarland – “Stuck Like Glue”

I’m not gonna lie, this song is nice and breezy. It has a cute rhythm and the melody is actually pretty catchy. The band’s harmonies are pleasant and the bridge features a kind of rap-singing. I don’t care for the singer’s 80s leotard-over-green pants look. It looks like she’s wearing a black diaper over Poison Ivy tights. Musically I have no complaints. This was a good performance.

“James Is A Wrestling Fan” Montage

This is mean, but part of me would like to see some of these contestants beat the ballad-y bullshit out of each other with metal folding chairs for real. Then Hulk Hogan makes a surprise entrance to tell James and Paul that they made the tour before fake punching Seacrest into the audience, who look genuinely surprise to have to catch the host.

Bottom 3 (Announced in 3 rounds)

  1. Thia Megia (cue Jaws theme)
  2. Stefano Langone (this is what you get for being joyless)
  3. Casey Abrams (The fuck???)

Jennifer Hudson – “Where You At?”

Also, Haley is in! The fuck???

Oh yeah, there’s a performance on….Damn Hudson can sing! Again, the contestants who are still standing can take a lesson from how she knows when to hold back and when to belt it out. This song isn’t my cup of tea, but I dig its gimmick of being a breakup song masquerading as an inspirational gospel song. Also, another former contestant, George Huff (?) is singing backup.

Final results

Casey is out! The fuck??? Will the judges use their save for this guy?

Casey performs “I Don’t Need No Doctor.” Randy cuts him off abruptly. They are using the save! Casey immediately clutches his stomach like he’s about to reenact the signature chest burst scene from Alien. Seriously, dude is so close to passing out onstage….Then he gets a burst of strength to go hug his mom. Awwww. Quote of the night – “It scared the…stuff out of me.”

Also, that has to be a kick in the shins for Lauren the Chosen One, who can no longer hide behind the judges. Thia is also still in the shark tank. Using the save so early in the season is actually pleasing; now we don’t have to endure the tedious “will they, won’t they” week after week. For this I am grateful.


One comment

  1. I love your recap style! I actually fast forwarded through Sugarland’s performance. The red, green, and black outfit with a light blue belt was too much for me! 😀

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