Thoughts On American Idol Top 12: Elimination

March 17, 2011


Steven Tyler’s sparkly wizard coat looks like something he stole from Ethel Merman’s bedroom closet. The other standout moment came when Seacrest told everyone to look under their chairs. “EVERYONE GETS AN AMERICAN IDOL A 10TH ANNIVERSARY COMPILATION CD!” I don’t believe I’ve seen this show channel Oprah before. Oh, and Pitbull is in the audience. He salvages diamonds from every dance pop lump of coal.

There is a group performance….

It’s a mashup medley!

Born To Be Wild + Born This Way


  • You know, if the producers really wanted to live up to the spirit of either song, they wouldn’t have gender-segregated the vocal parts like they did. Having someone like Lauren cover “Born This Way” just feels wrong to me. And Casey was up there for maybe 3 seconds. He of all people should get some mic time.
  • That said, Paul’s bar room performance style paid off here, as he looked to be the most comfortable guy on stage.
  • The same could be said for Naima. Her free spirit and musical sensibilities give her the feel for modern dance pop.
  • Thus it really fits that the two would be paired off when everyone finally came together to sing the “Born This Way” chorus. Those two looked genuinely happy to be on stage.

Ford music video “Val Kilmer”

Did I read that title right? Like the guy who’s in trouble for not paying taxes? It’s movie themed! Paul totally made sense as the villain with his hand on the remote bomb. Stefano would totally dump Karen for Haley. He has poor taste in music, so he might as well have poor taste in dates.

Lee DeWyze – “Beautiful Like You”

Over some warmed-over Onerepublic reject backing track, the guy who won last season bleats like a goat. The song reaches a moderate crescendo halfway through, but otherwise this sounds like every other pop-rock ballad on the radio, except for the most part it stays in first gear. How the hell did this guy win again?

Bottom 3 (Announced in 5 rounds)

  1. Haley Reinhart (Bahahaha nobody likes her! She’s taking it with sarcastic aplomb)
  2. Naima Adedapo (Pity. She’s the most interesting contestant on the show.)
  3. Karen Rodriguez (No love for the ladies. She had potential but she sang the same song every week.)

Black Eyed Peas – “Just Can’t Get Enough”

Did Fergie quit the band? That singer does not look like her. If that singer is Fergie, what happened? Meanwhile Will.I.Am continues to rock the metallic hairpiece he wore during the Super Bowl. Then Taboo gets mic time – substantial mic time – and he makes the most of it. He showed the most energy of any Pea on that stage. This makes me very happy. Apl.De.Ap gets to jump on the mic after the song abruptly switches to a robotic shuffle backing track that makes no sense in context with the piano+beats slow jam that was most of the song.

Final results

Karen is out! She just kept on doing the same boring song. That she sang 33% of every song en Español kept her interesting, but it was not enough to make her stand out from the sea of saccharine balladeers that make up most of this show’s top 12. Be that as it may, she had a bit of hungry desperation and passion during her final sing off of “Hero” that had me seeing that spark again. She had a good run.


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