Internet Roundup: Pop Pop ‘Pocalypse

March 14, 2011

Chris Randle has a review on Popdust of Jessie J’s performance on SNL. The review says the performance had an “unnerving level of ‘quirky’” which pretty much equated to Kathy’s impression of Jessie J – “British Katy Perry.” Duffy was catchier, Lily Allen was more interesting, Adele was classier, and Joss Stone was more fun.

If you’re looking for something more participatory, Shakesville’s Melissa McEwan poses the question “What Are The Worst Song Lyrics You’ve Ever Heard?” The emphasis is more on poor writing (see above for “Price Tag”) than offensive content, though sometimes those two themes go hand in hand (see Nickelback).

And after a dozen or two comments on the above thread, you’ll see a mention of this fine slice of unintentional comedy, “Friday,” by Rebecca Black. “Friday” is dance pop by the numbers. Vocal processing? Check. Hard 4/4 dance beats with heavy keyboards? Check. A rapper pops up to do the bridge? Check. Josh Liburdi of Thought Catalog has a pretty harsh takedown of what may well be a high-end version or one of those “star in your own video” booths you might find at a mall. It’s just that this song happened to find its way onto YouTube.


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