Relight My Crunk Fire

March 13, 2011

My Salt Shaker’s On Fire,” a new mashup by Kodiax

Sometimes when I make a mashup the rationale is as simple as “Hey, this dance track is off the hook! I just wish that the song had a vocal line….” In this case the inspirational instrumental is the Miami Horror remix of the Dan Hartman song “Relight My Fire,” which Hard Candy has posted last month. I had never heard of Dan Hartman before the post, but I had heard of the song due to its feature in the very first Dance Dance Revolution game. Meanwhile I love what Miami Horror has done over the past few years. They make new wave-influenced dance music that mixes Pure 80s heartstring tugging with disco bounce to the ounce, which is a fabulous combination.

It was after Kathy heard the initial remix that she came up with adding the vocal track from “Salt Shaker.” The guttural drawls of Kaine and D-Roc together with the urgent growls (some of which are lifted from Usher’s “Yeah”) of crunk maestro Lil Jon form an interesting contrast to the smooth neon glitter of the music. The end result is the recent nostalgia of crunk music juxtaposed with long term nostalgia of disco heat.

For a limited time, please download this mashup for your dancing pleasure.


Dan Hartman – “Relight My Fire (Miami Horror Remix)” Original version from the Sony BMG album Keep The Fire Burnin’ (1994); Remix version by Miami Horror appears at Hard Candy (2011)

Usher featuring Lil Jon and Ludacris – “Yeah” from the LaFace album Confessions (2004)

Ying Yang Twins featuring Lil Jon – “Salt Shaker” from the TVT album Me & My Brother (2003)


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