Thoughts On American Idol Top 13: Elimination

March 11, 2011


J. Lo’s dress makes her look like either she has a tumor on her arm or she was really working out that one arm but not the other one. Also, the judges’ save rule is in (and they probably won’t use it until week 4 or 5 when people finally tire of Lauren Alaina’s antics)!

There is a group performance….

It’s a Michael Jackson medley!

Wanna Be Startin’ Something / Rock With You / Black Or White / Man In The Mirror


  • James can’t dance
  • Jacob should have done MJ (good uptempo MJ) last night
  • Thia is sooooooooooo out of her league again! How in the hell is she here?
  • The only time Haley was featured was during “Man In The Mirror,” which I now associate with a half-assed, histrionic attempt at “redemption” by petulant, abusive hyperass Chris Brown. There’s no lesson here, just a lot of fail.
  • Stefano should do this kind of pop R&B all the time. He was fun to watch. I think I’m starting to get his deal.

Ford music video “The World”

Well that was a whole lot of empty bombast and fodder.

Adam Lambert – “Aftermath (Unplugged Version)”

You see that, James? That’s how you use your volume. This cut was restrained and subtle for the most part, but Lambert also built to the cannon parts for the chorus. It’s the crescendo, Charlie Brown. He actually made some big changes for this version of the song, which on For Your Entertainment was a symphonic power ballad.  I love that guy!

Bottom 3 (and announced in fairly quick succession)

  1. Karen Rodriguez (kinda sad)
  2. Ashthon Jones (yay!)
  3. Haley Reinhart (score!)

Diddy Dirty Money “Coming Home”

Notice how the piano track came in after Skylar Gray (?) stopped playing the keys? Oops. She got no love during the filming. The stage lights faded out on her while she was on camera and her walk out to the stage after the song was delayed and felt forced. Diddy is still a terrible rapper. His flow is barely competent and he sounds hoarse and out of breath. They should have given the two women (who must be Dirty Money) more face time. I still feel that Diddy should have been a judge this season. He would have been way blunter in his criticisms.

Final results

Ashthon is out! Eh, she didn’t have the votes to make it into the top ten anyway and she’s been a disappointment since the Top 24. That she chose to re-sing the Diana Ross song that got her kicked off was just icing on the cake.


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