Thoughts on American Idol: Audition Week 1, Part 2

January 21, 2011

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Note: I am not a fan of the audition rounds on American Idol. I find the pace too fast, the montages inane, and the freakshows not that funny. Then again, I concede the audition rounds are the favorite parts of the show for a lot of people, specifically for the unintentional comedy. I try to keep up with the many contestants, but often it isn’t until the top 24 where I really feel like I can start picking favorites and diving into the contestants’ onstage personalities.

  • The judges’ intro: aaaaaannnnnnddddd Steven Tyler is still acting like a douchebag.
  • It wouldn’t be a New Orleans audition without Seacrest forced into some “Ah gay-ron-tee” patois.
  • This musician Jordan could have potential. He rocks the keyboard and I liked his interaction with his 6 year old student. To top it off, his double-time audition had some pop to it. That said, “Over The Rainbow” is another one of those audition songs that I feel like 1000 or so people trot out and I roll my eyes when someone sings it.
  • During Sarah’s audition, on the subject of her lips: “Steven, are you part of her family?” You know Randy, Steven Tyler has been touring a lot since the late 70s. Aside from that, I really liked her fashion sense and her smoky voice.
  • I was really feeling Jovany’s singing (and his suit!). I can’t remember the last contestant to come audition singing en Español. I hope he makes the top 12 and does more of this.
  • I hope Dave, the 16 year old with the big red hair and beard makes it through. His big hair and high voice remind me of Claudio Sanchez from Coheed and Cambria and that would be cool to see on TV. He did crack his voice a few times during his audition, and hopefully he will get over that soon lest I lose patience with him like I lost patience with Sanjaya Malakar.
  • Oh man, Gabriel: With his 70s haircut, striped shirt, acoustic guitar, and shit-eating grin, I want to punch this guy before he plays a note. Then he starts singing “Bad Romance,” and he hit a lot of the notes. The man sounded great! It was like Adam Lambert went all astral projection and took over Lee DeWyze’s body. It’s a pity the judges blocked him on song choice, because he performance style was a total surprise – down home on the outside, glam on the inside. I would have followed that.
  • I know the K-Fed lookalike was shown during the horror show reel and that guy was just a trainwreck, but seriously, I would like to see rappers audition and make it through the show. They have country weeks on the show, it’s only fair.
  • Idol Camp?
  • So when Randy started telling off an off-key contestant, he began to use many of the same Cowellisms, especially “Really, it was awful, really.” He is really taking charge of that top spot.
  • 15 year old Jacee sang in this high, “balls haven’t quite dropped” voice that made me want to yell at the judges – “Make him sing ‘Baby’!” Could he be the American Bieber that the show’s producers were dreaming of when they lowered the minimum age to 15?
  • Since this was only an hour-long episode, there weren’t too many contestants that horrified or annoyed me. I feel like most of the contestants they let through were at least mildly interesting or entertaining. Good episode.

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