Internet Roundup: Wake Up To Something New

January 18, 2011

Image from Mike_tn @ Flickr

First, Ladytron is back! I remember bumping “Playgirl” and “Sugar” back in the day, and it’s great to hear some new material from Mira, Reuben and co. New material is coming out from the band, as they seem to be gearing up for a greatest hits package called Ladytron 00-1. One of the new songs is “Ace Of Hz.” You can grab the original mix and the Punks Jump Up remix from Hard Candy. The remix takes the Ladytron cold urgency and pops it into the dancefloor.

Let’s talk about Hard Candy. Kathy got me into this blog after hearing about the Duck Sauce remix of Chromeo’s “Hot Mess.” They deal music along the pop/dance/electronic continuum with highlights on popular streams (I first heard of the new Britney Spears song through the site), as well as up and comers for download (Oh Land’s “Sun of a Gun”). You also see posts around more conventional pop/rock/soul artists like Duffy and Adele. The site’s posts are prolific, you get a lot of convenient streams via YouTube and Soundcloud, and the free downloads are frequent. A good start is the new Pnau song “The Truth.”

Another site that has made its way onto my regular list is Popdust, which is a pop music news site that’s run by, among others, Maura Johnston. Johnston has been one of my favorite music writers, having followed her since her days on Idolator. You get quick reviews, opinion pieces, trend watches (like the expanse of pop stars wearing thick glasses as fashion), and recaps like Cee-Lo Green’s appearance on SNL. (By the way, if the fashion glasses piece interested you, head to Feminist Music Geek for more on “Nerd Drag.”)

Speaking of Cee Lo on SNL, I thought he did pretty well on the show. I thought that the number of jokes that the show made on his “Fuck You”/”Forget You” single were not that funny and kind of annoying, but he seemed like he was having fun. His duet of “Islands in the Stream” with Jason Sudekis as Kenny Rogers was cute, and the skit leading up to his performance of “Forget You,” had funny moments (“Did you mean ‘cat’?” “No.”). I’m just happy we got to hear more than one song from Cee-Lo, as “Forget You” has been the only song that has been coming out of media, at least here in the States. “Bright Lights, Bigger City,” was pulsing and fun. I ended up buying The Lady Killer the next day.


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