I’m So In Love With That Star Guitar

January 8, 2011

Love In The Stars,” a new mashup by Kodiax

So we’re a week into 2011. Some of us made resolutions and/or are going back to work/class. In any case, I feel that times are weird because the fun and expectations and the holiday season are over and now there’s renewed responsibility and purpose. On a personal level I feel like not a lot has changed, but I can feel big changes coming on the horizon. Some of these changes will happen on their own or through the actions of others. I must make others happen and I have to be optimistic.

On a “big idea” level, that sentiment was the inspiration for this mashup. The Chemical Brothers’ “Star Guitar” came out in my senior year of high school. Its melodic dance structure is bookended by a big crescendo and decrescendo. Its bridge has a warm tone with a blissed out chorus. It’s playing at the roller disco in the afterlife. “OMG” came out early last year, during the final phase of my rotation training program. Usher sings in a more restrained style than on many of his other singles. The song’s theme about crushing on a beautiful woman in the middle of the dancefloor leave’s the narrator in awe. The vocals communicate a blissed out earnestness that doesn’t quite match the thumping, punchy production of the original song. I tried to combine good elements from both songs.

On a practical level, this mashup came out of a long-form mix session. I felt that the songs really fit together technically. Rather than play it as a part in a greater work, I decided to pull the songs out and edit them into a self-contained song for easier consumption. I edited both song elements to better synch up with each other. I chopped up the “OMG” vocal to fit the “Star Guitar” drum track and I cut out parts of “Star Guitar” to make it more pop song-length and to reference the robotic nature of the original version of “OMG.”

For a limited time, please download this mashup for your dancing pleasure.


The Chemical Brothers – “Star Guitar” from the Astralwerks album Come With Us (2002)

Usher featuring Will.I.Am – “OMG” from the LaFace album Raymond v. Raymond (2010)



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