DJ On A Dime: Down With The Slickness

June 16, 2010

The oil spill along the gulf coast continues to go on unabated and the Prez seems paralyzed and saying the wrong things to please the wrong people, but at the same time he’s loaded with additional baggage none of his predecessors have had to carryRemember: this problem is British Petroleum’s fault. And I really feel bad for a lot of the BP employees because those gas station associates, truck drivers and middle managers are probably standing in for all of that anger and confusion that a lot of people have been feeling and have taken a lot of heat that they probably don’t deserve just because they took a job when it was available and stuff hit the fan.

I apologize for the rant.

Still, despite this craptacular environmental situation there’s free music out there, dammit, and you should check it out! This is DJ on a Dime.

Let’s kick things off with some chilled out alternative hip-hop. Amazon has a free b-side from Phashara, who hails from the Lake View area of Chicago. “Sunshine” has Phashara waxing contemplative over some rich, psyched out beats. The song feels really down to Earth and is great for when you’re feeling introspective or just want to kick back.

Keeping going on the hip-hop tip, Travis McCoy of Gym Class Heroes has a solo record out now. The single “Billionaire” is making waves on the radio, and Nappy Boy’s remix of the track takes it into a mellow reggae territory. Plus it features Bruno Mars on the chorus, and his soulful turn on B.o.B.’s “Nothin’ On You” was just beautiful! Some Kind of Awesome has the Travie song up for grabs. Check out the original for a more bouncy party rock take.

Some Kind of Awesome also has the new track “Tiger” from TV On The Radio alum Dave Sitek’s new project Maximum Ballon. I just found out about Some Kind of Awesome on the blogosphere. According to the site bio, the people who run it met on Kenna message boards, so there’s a great mix of rock, hip-hop and electronic posts and news. Anyways, “Tiger” is very tight in its production, the guitars have this fast-strum quality that reminds me of a 70s cop show, and vocalist Aku fronts very nicely with some old-school metallic crooning.

Finally, for some harder action, check out the Tobacco remix of HEALTH’s “Die Slowly.” Pick it up at XLR8R, one of the last remaining hip-hop/electronic music magazines to run in the U.S.! The remix sounds like some alternative rock song from 1993 thrown into a blender with “Safety Dance” and some chunks of titanium. The end result is almost hip-hop with the crunchy beats and spaced-out synthesizers. Bang your head to this one!


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