DJ On A Dime

May 25, 2010


With all the messy business about the poverty line and student loans, people need their money. But there is this music out there and sometimes you want it! Save a little money for hot tracks by getting your dance fix below!

First David Guetta along with his main man on the mic Chris Willis teams up with Fergie and LMFAO for the remix of the single “Gettin’ Over.” While “Sexy Chick” seems to get all of the radio airplay, at least here in Denver, “Gettin’ Over” is a damn catchy single. The always-solid RCRD LBL has a few free remixes of the single from Thomas Gold and Sidney Sampson.

Next, Electrorash has some hot underground dance from the brand new record label Ghetto Division straight out of Chicago. The free tracks from Rob Threezy and Louie Cue are more solid grooves than peaktime scorchers, but sometimes its good to have substance over style. Play these songs against the Guetta tracks from the previous paragraph and see what I mean.

Finally, for something a little different, Dave Nada has a free EP called Punk Rock Latino. Dave Nada takes slowed-down house music and matches Spanish-language acapellas into a style he calls “Moombahton.” I haven’t heard bootlegs like this in a long time.

Keep those mixes coming!


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