Internet Roundup

May 12, 2010

Yee ha! It’s time for a roundup of a few things on the internet range!

One of the up and coming dance acts that I’m finding just so freakin’ fun is Monarchy. They have that 80s disco sound, that’s for sure, but what sets them apart from similar new electronic duos is this vibe of sincerity that I get from both their tracks and remixes. There’s some restraint there too, which is a nice change of pace from the balls-to-the-walls hard dance perpetuated by Steve Aoki and his Dim Mak gang that seems crazy popular. You can dance if you want to, but you can also sit back and listen. DISCODUST has a solid intro to the group if you’re interested.

GarlandGrey at Tiger Beatdown has an essay in defense of women’s music, specifically women’s voices. Literally. Not just music from the “voices” or perspectives of women, but literally songs sung by women. The defense comes in response to male music critics who claim that they don’t like the sound of women’s voices. I know, I was initially surprised to hear that anyone would make such a claim, but…damn. Come on guys, how can you knock on the voices of more than 50% of the world’s population? Imagine the opposite, not liking men’s voices. That’s from Adam Lambert to 50 Cent to Andrea Bocelli to HRRRGGNNNGH. That kind of blind prejudice is just sad. I must give props to GG for calling this out, for sometimes in music critic circles this kind of thinking goes unchecked.

Finally, the Onion AV Club has another funny nostalgic piece in its series of recaps on the Now That’s What I Call Music Compilation Series. This time it’s Vol. 7. If you can think back to what was hot in 1997 and go from there, these are great essays.

I’ll have some music up later this week. Happy reading and happy rocking!


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