Fire Up On The Floor, Chill Out In The Lounge

May 7, 2010

It’s almost the weekend and I think you need some high-energy drum n bass to get it off to a good start! This first song is newer. It’s that uptempo ragga-esque jungle that makes you want to get up and dance spastically. The little vocal turns and asides from Serocee keep things exciting while Toddla T’s bouncy funk-bassness keeps things fun. Get to it!

Then let’s head to the lounge for after the party. For all of its chill instrumentation, this second track from one of my favorite rappers is in that category of song like “Eye Of The Tiger” and “Lose Yourself,” which will hopefully inspire some to action and personal success. It’s an interesting juxtaposition to say the least.

Take care, have fun, and live life!

Toddla T – “Manabadman (ft. Serocee)” from the 1965 single Manabadman (2008)

Snoop Dogg – “One Chance (Make It Good)” from the Doggystyle/Geffen album Ego Trippin’ (2008)


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