The Final Audition Rocks!

May 3, 2010


Rock music is such a broad category. When you read the title of today’s post, I bet that you were going to expect something that was heavy metal or punk or something that is “hard” and “loud” because that’s what it means to “rock,” doesn’t it? Yet the two songs pulled from my donation pile this week would hardly be considered as “rocking,” but still they are rock.

The Jennifer Marks piece is more sexy adult contemporary or vaguely country-rock than uptempo rock ‘n’ roll. Still I find her song warm and alluring. Meanwhile the Chomsky track while uptempo is restrained and, as its album title indicates, “quirky.” It’s fun power pop that doesn’t expect too much and gives little in return.

Still both of these songs would be filed under “rock” or at least “alternative” which has been the “rock” stand in category since the early-to-mid ‘90s. They may not meet the connotation, but I like them and want to pass them along. Heck, the Chomsky song repeats the word “rock” in its chorus countdown.

Eh, “who needs guitars anyway?” Enjoy the music.

Jennifer Marks – “Window” from the Red Kurl album My Name’s Not Red (2000)

Chomsky – “00:15:00” from the Idol album Onward Quirky Soldiers (2001)


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