The Final Audition Part 2

April 17, 2010

American Idol Image from Progressive Boink

As I continue to go through my music and decide what CDs to donate, I found a few tracks that seemed to fit along a dancey theme. These tracks also kinda show how times were different back in the late 90s and early 2000s.

The Debelah Morgan track represents a time when were a lot more R&B singers out on the market. There seemed like there were especially more women R&B singers in both solo and group from before Beyonce and Rihanna locked it down. It’s market consolidation in action!

Meanwhile, I remember when electronic acts got airplay on rock stations. The kind that did get airplay were in that breakbeat subgenere of Big Beat. While The Chemical Brothers and Fatboy Slim were the biggest acts to come out of that scene, there were tons of acts that made little blips and then went away. Big Beat was to 1996 what Grunge was to 1991 and Skint was the Sub Pop nexus of the scene. This Aleem track was likely one of those blips that popped and faded.

A few years later, the Big Beat sound went out of favor and more straightforward disco-lounge-pop acts got somewhat popular. Kylie Minogue and Madison Avenue were the two that come to mind for me, but DJ Spiller had a hit or two in there as well.

The tracks below were from my donation pile but I want to share them with you. I tried to find the official websites but it seems a though a lot of these artists have faded into obscurity and off the record. Thank God for Discogs and Wikipedia. These few singles are all that remain….

Debelah Morgan – “Dance With Me (Boom Boom Remix)” from 2000 Atlantic single Dance With Me (2000)

Aleem – “Why Hawaii (Original Formula Mix)” from the Conrete/Pro-Zak EP Why Hawaii (1996)

DJ Spiller – “Positive” from the Black Moon single Positive (1998)


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