The Final Audition

April 11, 2010

I have a pile of music sitting on my desk at home. I’ve had this music for a long time – none of it is new. This isn’t some big reorganization move, although that’s part of it. No, I’m deciding what music I own is worth keeping. I never thought that I would say this.

I have too much music.

At least, I have too much for the space I have allotted for it. At this point in my life I’m too mobile. When I’m established, I’ll have some grand, sprawling library rendered useless by its sheer volume, like some fat cat rendered immobile by the weight of prosperity. Until then, I’ll trim some of the fat. Not a lot, but a little.

There will still be sprawl. There will still be stuff that is hard to get at. But a little purging is OK. Two years ago one of my hard drives crashed and I lost 4 years of music. Eight years before that I gradually lost my first 200 CDs due to scratched discs and negligent care. “The tide rises, the tide falls….”

It’s time to face the music.

From the bin of promo discs that fell into my hands in high school and college….

From the days when there were few mp3 blogs and when I learned about music from CMJ New Music Monthly and Revolution….

From major label busts and international indie never-weres in the fat times of the early 2000s….

From every disc I donated I chose to save a few songs, including these….

Jersey Street Allstars – “Burnin’” from the Electric Chair single Burnin (2003) (out of print)

Eric Benet – “Closer” from the Warner Bros album Better and Better (2001) (unreleased)

Poe – “Haunted” from the Atlantic album Haunted (2000)


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