Originality Is No Fun

February 9, 2010

Kodiax – “Moonrise” from Bears In The Hood

Stream and Download the EP from AcidPlanet

Gwen Stefani vs. Kodiax vs. Richard Bartz – “Crash The Skywriter Into The Moon” mixed by Kodiax

Over the past decade I read several music retrospectives about the success of bedroom producers, and how it’s easier than ever to make a hot record in the internet age. That may be true, but what those retrospectives don’t mention is that while the barriers may indeed by lower, that just opened the floodgates for more and more bedroom producers. For every Dntel, Mylo, or Owl City success story, there are thousands, if not millions of aspiring producers who with the best intentions fire up Ableton, Fruityloops, Acid, Mixman, Garageband, Cubase, Reason, and/or Logic and churn out absolute garbage. Are you friends with someone in a crummy band who pressures you to come to his/her show at a school or bar? This post is like that, only nerdier. I am my own crummy band.

I recorded “Moonrise” during the start of the Top 12 competition last season on American Idol. I vaguely remember laying down the intro during Kris Allen’s performance. I knocked out about 5 songs during that season of Idol and “Moonrise” was my favorite. That’s not a commentary on Idol, it’s just what was going on.

The mashup came from randomness. My wife might have been playing the original “Crash” track on her iPod. I heard “Skywriter” on Pandora and thought “this track needs a song to go on top of it.” Finally, I wanted to be like one of those DJ/producers who use their own songs in their mixes and I picked the song that seemed to clash the least. It all kind of came together.

I like the mashup version more, and perhaps that’s because of familiarity with the other parts or perhaps that’s because of my lack of talent.

I guess I like making mashups because I feel like I can make something at least kind of new. I can take something great and make it my own and still sound kind of good (though if you didn’t like the mashup I suppose my argument doesn’t hold up).

Musical decoupage is personal fulfillment and originality is no fun for me.


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